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8 thoughts on “comments & questions

  1. Karin — I’m enjoying the hell out of your posts. I know this is a textile blog. . . but tell me a little about food, please! A

  2. Okay Andrea, coming up in a future post! I need some more photos but I’ll say what I can. The food has been great so far but my food photography skills need work…

  3. Thanks for sharing your work and adventure at MN SDA today. Your work is beautiful! And your photos of part of Japan make me want to trip there myself someday.

  4. Hi Karin, I’ve loved your blog…glad to see you got to Daniel Kelly’s studio. He and my brother Duffy have been good friends since they were kids. We got to show some of Dan’s watercolors years ago at Gallery Sixteen.
    What a wonderful experience you’ve had! Thanks for sharing.

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