matsumoto jo

Matsumoto-jo: Built around 1595, this is Japan’s oldest wooden castle and one of four designated as a national treasure. It has lasted so long partly because the castle never saw direct warfare.



It’s pretty awe-inspiring to climb into something so old, tall, and well-preserved and be able to walk through all the original levels. The tsukimi yagura (moon viewing platform) was under wraps because of repair/preservation, but there were great views over the city of Matsumoto and the mountains from other windows inside the castle. Matsumoto is the second largest city in Nagano-ken and is surrounded by the Japanese Alps.



Best tour ever! I was given a tour by Sho, director of the ALPS Language Service Association. If a nice Japanese man approaches you and offers to give you a free tour in English, the only possible answer is, “yes, please.” And when he insists on a picture together, the answer is, “of course.”




1 thought on “matsumoto jo

  1. I agree about the tour! Absolutely fantastic. This Castle is majestic and really a must see.

    My wife and I stumbled across the volunteer guides in 2009. Since then I take up guiding services at many places – both main tourist areas like Ueno Park as well as the more obscure

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