folk houses of fujino

inspiration: This book from 1963, featuring wax-dyed textiles of the folk-houses, small towns, work spaces of craftsmen, and daily life in Japan in the early to mid 20th century. If I were a different sort of person, I would hide this book in my luggage and never let it out of my sight again! (Mom, if you are reading this, my birthday/christmas is coming up.) I was particularly inspired by this kimono.image


stencil: Folkhouses of Fujino–my representation of daily life in the mountains. I attempted a 4 way repeat, if that means anything to you.


in progress: pasting the fabric. The pasted areas will remain white.


results: The difference between the light and the dark samples is due to how many times it was dipped in indigo.



I am really excited about this technique and the possibilities it offers. I appreciate the effort and intentionality that goes into stencil making, especially the push and pull between planning and execution, and what can’t be predicted or planned. (Or, at least, not by me or not yet). There is a kind of magic in seeing your stencil brought to life once the fabric is dyed. Maybe katazome could offer me room to grow and a set of limitations to explore. I’m thinking on it.

4 thoughts on “folk houses of fujino

  1. Gorgeous. Love the thought of intention with an open heart…constraints that seem like barriers, but end up the opposite…the very things that allow our creativity shape and meaning and life.

    • I’ve found creating without constraints to be much more difficult. Give me a few rules and I’m more likely to come up with better results. “Do anything you want” = paralysis.

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